Don't Swat At Yoda

Don't Swat at Yoda
Ever wonder what it would be like to see Yoda fly by your head or hear Chewbacca buzz instead of roar? Now you can find out thanks to entomologists Arnold Menke and David Vincent. These bug experts named new wasp species discovered in 1983 after their favorite Star Wars characters: Polemistus chewbacca, Polemistus vaderi, and Polemistus yoda.

"For a recent paper we chose to review the New World species of the poorly-known wasp genus Polemistus," Menke explains. "After borrowing material for this study, we found several new species which we then named after Star Wars characters. Naming a new species is commonly done by a scientist working on a particular group of organisms. Sometimes such a person will name a new species after the discoverer, as a tribute or as an acknowledgement".

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